Previous meetings

In the 21st century, the research of the history of international modern mathematics has culminated in new development. Under the active participation of Chinese scholars who are studying history of mathematics , the research domain has been broaden. The study of the history of international mathematics is no longer focused on the history of ancient Chinese mathematics, and researchers have  produced great enthusiasm on the history of Chinese modern mathematics. To this end, under the active advocacy and preparation of the Mathematical History Branch of the Chinese Mathematical Society (National Institute of Mathematical History), respectively in 2010 (Xi'an, Northwest University), 2012 (Xi'an, Northwest University), 2014 (Hangzhou, Zhejiang Science and Technology College), in 2017 (Chengdu, Sichuan Normal University) held the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th International Conference on the History of Modern Mathematics. Most of the participants are experts and scholars in the history of mathematics from abroad or China. The four conferences played a positive role in revitalizing the study of modern Chinese mathematics history, presenting achievements of Chinese modern mathematics history to international counterparts, and interacting and learning with international counterparts. They have had a tremendous impact in the international mathematical history community. The conference is the fifth international conference on the history of modern mathematics.

1.2010.8.11-17, International Conference on the History of Modern Mathematics, Xi’an.


2.2012.5.17-20,The Second International Conference on the History of Modern Mathematics---In Honor of the 70th Birthday of Professor Li Wenlin ,Xi’an.


3. 2014.9.20-25,The Third International Conference on the History and Education of Modern Mathematics,Hang Zhou.


4. 2017.8.20-26,The Fourth International Conference on the History and Pedagogy of Modern Mathematics,Cheng Du.