History of Modern Mathematics

History of Modern Mathematics in General

Research in the history of modern mathematics has been enriched by new directions in recent years. The results have included new emphases in both disciplines, with diverse and far-reaching consequences. Based on the history, we see a renewed interest in the philosophical issues of various kinds, on the transmission of mathematical knowledge from local settings to global norms, on networks of scholars and networks of texts, on the nature and importance of application in mathematics, and on a reassessment of the importance of computation in all its forms.

The purpose of the topic proposed is to assemble senior scholars active in these fields, junior scholars whose work promises to be transformative, and scholars who are ambitious to acquire new approaches while presenting contributed papers on work of their own for comment by their peers.

With a broadly inclusive scope we hope to build on the positive experiences of earlier meeting to continue to build a Chinese and international research community and to build links for the future.